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Mar 12, 2019 | Design & Inspiration | 1 comment

There’s nothing I love more than some beautiful, earthy, bohemian-inspired design. Just a quick peek at my Pinterest profile will show you just how much I swoon over dreamy blushes, sky blues and ochres mixed with earth tones, charcoals and, of course, a splash of gold here and there.

Most people could tell you what bohemian fashion or home decor looks like. It brings to mind exotic textile prints and natural fibers, flowing silhouettes, lots of plants and whitewashed walls. But what about when it comes to graphic design? How do you capture the essence of that effortless boho look with something like a font?

After the wild success of my Free Boho Adventure Fonts post (I’m talking, 2k re-pins and 1.6k clicks per month, people!), I thought I’d follow up with a natural sequel. Some of these fonts can be found on the original list, but this updated version leans more towards a romantic, free-spirited boho font style rather than the more adventurous boho font style of the original.

And the best? This time I’ve used the names of wildflowers as inspiration for this boho font list. It makes my flowerchild soul so happy!

I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites and how you use them in your projects. Share in the comments below!

Also please note that although all of these fonts are free for personal use, not all of them are free for commercial use, so please get in touch with the author to confirm before using it for commercial purposes!

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  1. Hi Kelsey. Love these fonts. Do you do business logos? I’m opening a day spa plus wellness center named
    Spa + wellness


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