Daniela Arango Brand Launch

Feb 19, 2020 | Design & Inspiration | 0 comments


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Over the past months we’ve had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful brands (and people!) that haven’t yet seen the spotlight on this blog yet. Although we’re a little bit behind on the brand launches, I still wanted to give each the story and recognition it deserves.

Daniela’s brand is no different! She came to us from a Facebook group looking to elevate her personal brand, to transition away from her yoga practice and teaching and instead focus on her spiritual guidance, energy work and intuitive gifts.

To get to know her work better before beginning the process, Daniela graciously offered me a free Energetic Soul Reading with her. And wow, what a beautiful experience! Here’s what I have to say about my experience with her:

Daniela is so much more than a Reiki practitioner. When she works with you, it’s like she’s taking a look into your soul. Even halfway across the world, I could feel her energy in the room with me -compassionate, grounded and pure. She revealed so much truth to me, that I felt like she immediately knew me and exactly what I needed at that moment. Truly a beautiful, eye-opening experience.


With an intuitive view of Daniela’s energy and her work, I was able to move into the moodboard and design process with an open mind (and heart!)

The inspiration

The inspiration for the brand was warm, down to earth yet mystical. We wanted to bring out the soothing textures of nature and how they connect with the divine, as a connection between the earth and the soul. The archetypes we chose are the Mage and the Caregiver, and rightfully so! A focus on elegant yet minimal typography was also front and center.

The logo design

With our inspiration and color palette decided, we moved into logo designs. We kept it typography-centric, as we often do with personal brands, and played around with some elegant yet eclectic serif fonts. We also explored some mystical motifs, with the portal to the unconscious and the moon/crystal ball double motif.  

The brand design

Daniela connected most with concept #1 because of the double (or even triple) meaning of our iconic O design. She loved that it could serve as a crystal ball, a moon, a star or more, and that it was even a little bit open to the interpretation of the viewer (much like her work).

For the typography, we chose an elegant combination of Velour for headers, Tenor Sans  (a favorite of ours, if you haven’t already noticed!) for subheaders & accent, and Haboro Contrast for body/copy.

Since Daniela opted for our smaller Explorer branding package, there were no custom patterns or textures for this project. We did, however, design some beautiful business cards and email marketing header banners as well as some Mailchimp email templates for her weekly newsletters.

Finally, we applied the brand to our Selene premade website theme (coming soon for sale on the shop) for a beautiful semi-custom website design. You can see Daniela’s website here.

And there you have it! Keep scrolling for the eye candy 😉

The feedback

We were all in love with the final result! Here’s what Daniela had to say about it:

Communication was amazing! Kelsey is super professional and it allowed me to stay informed on what was going on at all times, without feeling overwhelmed or like the project was taking over my life. I loved that Kelsey went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% satisfied. I learned so much through this process! The biggest take-away was to realize it was possible for someone to help me bring my vision to live and do it on such an easy and amazing way. I am so happy I made the decision to outsource and bring in Kelsey’s team to help grow and take my business to the next level. Thank you!

You can check out the full design for Daniela Arango in our portfolio along with some of the other magical designs we’ve come up with. Cheers!


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