Identify Your Positioning and Audience with Real Data and Market Research

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    May 10

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    7pm EST


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The Details

Have you ever wondered who your target audience is specifically and what they actually want? Do you struggle to pin down exactly what you offer and how you’re different from your competitors? Do you feel lost when it comes to how to position yourself to stand out in what feels like a crowded market?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then this workshop is for you!

We’ll go over a straightforward and effective method for getting real data and insights into what your audience is looking for, and how to use them to create a brand that stands out.

About the Host

Kelsey Specter is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed brand & web designer, strategist and entrepreneur, and a Forbes Next 1000 Fellow. She has 6+ years of experience working with clients ranging from local businesses to celebrities, NGO’s and multi-million dollar brands.

She is the former co-founder and lead product designer of Smart Planner Co, named “Best Productivity Planner” by Forbes. Over the course of 4 years, she grew the company from an initial investment of $1500 to the multi-million dollar global retail brand it is today with no investors or outside funding. And in March 2022, she helped negotiate the successful sale of the Smart Planner brand. She knows firsthand how to build effective products and brands that speak to and grow with your audience and potential investors.

Her unique approach to branding is rooted in psychology, archetypes, market data, and first-hand experience in the retail world, a formula that results in designs that connect, captivate and – most importantly – convert.

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Questions? This might help...

What should I expect from these workshops?

Our workshops are a fun, interactive experience! They run roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour, with a chance for a live Q&A at the end. We know your time is precious, so we'll be brief - we focus on keeping things direct and easy to understand. Expect only the important stuff, no filler or fluff!

At the end, you'll receive a copy of the recording so you can re-watch at a later time, as well as a downloadable list of resources cited in the workshop.

What makes these workshops different from others on the same topic?

There are unlimited ways to teach and explain the same subject, in addition to the teacher's unqiue perspective and experience.

Our strengths come from a focus on psychology, market data, and first-hand experience building our own multi-million dollar retail brand. We give concrete examples and action items, not just hypothetical theories and ideas.

I can't make the live version - can I still join?

Absolutely! Even if you can't make the live event, you will still get access to the recorded version and all the resources.

Do I need any kind of prior knowledge or experience?

Not at all! Our workshops are completely beginner-friendly. Even if you're complete new to the subject, we make things super easy to understand and have a Q&A session at the end for any questions you may have.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

We offer a 50% refund if you change your mind prior to the date of the workshop. After the workshop has taken place, we are unable to offer any kind of refund.

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