Kayla Ybanez Brand Launch

Oct 13, 2019 | Design & Inspiration | 0 comments


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So you know when you get that DM from a girl you used to go to high school with, totally out of the blue? And you already know it’s going to be trouble, because it starts with “Hey Girl”? And then you start bracing yourself for a shameless NWM pitch?

Well, on this project I have the pleasure of working with Kayla Ybanez, a Network Marketing Coach whose goal is to help women STOP these kinds of spammy marketing tactics. So basically, doing a great service not only to NWM’s, but to all of society.

The overall goal of the rebrand was to build a cohesive look that would allow Kayla to expand her offerings and professionalize her online presence.

The inspiration

The inspiration for the brand was a warm, inspirational and relatable girl-next-door type of vibe. With her two brand archetypes of the Hero and the Humanist, we wanted the perfect mix of bold & go-getting with friendly and community-oriented.

The logo design

With our inspiration and color palette decided, we moved into logo designs. We kept it typography-centric, as we often do with personal brands, and played around with some more playful, hand-lettered fonts with mixed weights and styles.

The brand design

We ended up going with concept #1 because of the mixed font weights, and because Kayla wanted her last name in all-caps so it wasn’t mis-read or confusing. She also loved the idea of a two-tone logo design and the circular lettering.

For the typography, we chose a friendly & modern combination of Arima Madurai for headers, Fjalla One for subheaders & accent, and humanist Gill Sans for body/copy.

We then put together a fun infinite repeating pattern with her logo elements, and added in some personality with paper-inspired solid textures to be used in overlapping combinations. You know, like scrapbooking and polaroids? All the classics you’d do when hanging out with your friends back in the 90’s before Instagram and Pinterest.

We then designed some fun Instagram post templates in Canva and new FB covers for her business page and her NWM FB group (appropriately called, “Stop the Hey Girl NWM Group”)

And there you have it! Keep scrolling for the eye candy 😉

You can check out the full design for Kayla Ybanez in our portfolio along with some of the other magical designs we’ve come up with. Cheers!


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