Robin’s Empty Nest Brand Launch

Dec 29, 2018 | Design & Inspiration | 1 comment

It’s been another amazing year of working with some of the world’s coolest business owners! I always say I have the most amazing job in the universe, and this is why.

Robin reached out to me about branding her new blog, Robin’s Empty Nest (btw how amazing is this name? for a lover of puns and wordplay, I was instantly in love). Since her youngest will be leaving for college soon, she wanted to create a space online to talk about all the amazing things moms can do now that their nests are empty. She covers everything from travel to lifestyle and having gone on a number of adventures herself, has some pretty amazing stories to share!

The inspiration

The foundation of the brand design was a classy and fashionable with a personal touch – like a handwritten note on luxurious stationary with a custom wax seal. Here’s the mood board we came up with:

The logo design

With our inspiration and color palette decided, we moved into logo designs. We wanted to keep that contrast between the classy, high-end fonts and a handwritten element. We explored a couple different concepts with a play on the Robin and the Nest as well.

The brand design

We refined the coloring of the logo to make it a bit softer and more feminine, and then used that as a base for the secondary logos. The idea to take the bird silhouette and add a decorative interior with the business name written inside was a last-minute idea that the client absolutely loved!

For the typography, since the client requested that we pick free fonts, we went with Prata for headers, Tenor Sans (all caps and with substantial kerning) for subheaders, and Assistant for body/copy. All these fonts are available on Google fonts to make it easier for her to integrate with her blog.

We then rounded out the design with an asymmetrical geometric pattern to resemble the criss crossing textures of the nest, and a subtle gray hatched texture. Robin wanted the patterns to be subtle so she could use them on the blog while still keeping the overall look airy and light.

And there you have it! Keep scrolling for the eye candy šŸ˜‰

You can check out the full design for Robin’s Empty Nest in the portfolio along with some of the other magical designs we’ve come up with. Cheers!

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  1. ABSOLUTELY first class! It fits perfectly!
    Can’t wait to see more on her blog!


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