Free Font Pairing Guide


One of the things many of us struggle with when creating our visual identities is choosing the right fonts – they have to fit the brand design and also work well together!

That’s why I created this collection of my favorite font pairing using only free fonts. This has taken me a few years of experience to put together and I’m happy to finally be sharing!

-48 Unique Free Font Pairings with a Feminine Flair
-87 Different Free Fonts

Note: this does not include actual font files. This is a PDF guide with links to download the free fonts for yourself.

What to Expect

I’ve broken down the font pairings into 8 different categories, with 6 pairings in each one. That includes 6 header fonts and 6 body/copy fonts to match. The categories are:

  • Back to Basics: the simple, most flexible sans-serif-focused font pairings that work with any brand style or industry
  • Touch of Vintage: fonts that are slightly reminiscent of retro or old-school feel, but not over the top
  • Craftsman Feel: these typefaces have handcrafted feel and work well for creatives and artists
  • Fresh & Healthy: friendly and wholesome fonts that go perfectly with the health and wellness industry
  • High End Luxury: classy pairings to elevate your brand to the next tier of luxury
  • Old Fashioned: bookish and historical in feel, these pairings are great for institutional and educational means
  • Classic & Timeless: similar to Back to Basics, but with a focus on well-rounded serif fonts for any industry
  • Quirky Extras: some of our favorite personality-infused pairings the bring a pinch of quirkiness to your brand

All of this presented in an easy-to-read PDF with clickable links to that you can save or print out. We love to hear how you use our pairings – shoot us an email to share your work!

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