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One of the most common requests I get from my clients is to recommend a good handwriting font, and in many cases, a good FREE handwriting font.

After the success of one of my blog posts about handwriting fonts, I compiled an even more complete list of my favorite casual yet classy handwriting fonts for women entrepreneurs.

-50 Unique Free Script Handwriting Fonts
-FREE BONUS: A guide to the best Premium (paid) Handwriting Fonts

Note: this does not include actual font files. This is a PDF guide with links to download the free fonts for yourself.


I’ve broken down the fonts into 5 different categories according to lettering style, with 10 handwriting script fonts in each one. The categories are:

  • Calligraphy Style: sweeping strokes and flourishes make these fonts worthy of high class, from wedding invitations to logos
  • Love Letter Style: these scripts are wide, rolling and romantic, reminiscent of a Romeo and Juliet-esque hidden romance
  • Brush Stylewith thicker and sometimes varying weights, these fonts have an edgier (and even more masculine) feel
  • Casual Note Style: friendly and relatable, like something you quickly jotted down, these scripts add a dose of authenticity
  • Signature Style: large, ornate capitals with smooth connected lowercases make these perfect for a blog or email signoff

All of this presented in an easy-to-read PDF with clickable links to that you can save or print out.

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