We make your brand look and feel as unique and intuitive as you are.

We help soulful & spiritual brands craft immersive brand experiences that captivate and convert.


From consultants to coaches, holistic therapists, spiritual advisors & more


From yoga to meditation, shamanic healing, alternative medicines & more


In-person or online experiences, masterminds, and events

Right now, you probably feel…

    • Unclear or unsure how to clearly communicate your value and offerings, especially when what you do is more rooted in the spiritual than the physical
    • Uninspired & unaligned with your current branding, because it doesn’t truly convey the unique gifts you have to offer
    • Tired of comparing yourself to your competitors and wishing you were more “put together” and aligned
    • Frustrated & overwhelmed with DIY solutions or pieced-together freelance teams with mixed results
    • Prepared to grow, to go to market, launch more offerings, increase your prices, or something else…but wanting to do it the right way, with a brand that intuitively feels right
    • Ready for a professional to step in and just take care of this for you, someone who gets your vision and can translate it into visuals, so you can focus on what you’re best at

      Here’s what we can do for you

      Position your brand strategy & messaging to resonate on a deep emotional level

      Craft a cohesive and intuitive visual identity to increase brand recognition

      Conceptualize and design merch kits, print collateral and promo materials

      Streamline your conversion funnel and write brand copy that speaks to the heart

      Build a one-of-a-kind customer-focused website experience that converts

      Why invest in branding? Trends die, but stories live forever.


      If people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product in future, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately.

      In a crowded and saturated market, design is an immersive way to stand out and visually tell your story. Through bespoke, strategy-first brand styling we conjure up designs that resonate the right emotions with the right audience.

      Because you don’t just want people to like your brand – you want them to be spellbound by it.

      A proprietary, market-tested branding formula that wows and sells

      Research & Strategy

      Using market data, psychology and archetypes, we craft a strategy that serves as the cornerstone of who you are and how your customers relate to you.

      Visual Storytelling

      With strategy in place, we use visual assets to tell your brand story through your logo, color story, typography and custom design assets – from print to digital and beyond.

      Online Experience

      Finally, we extend your brand to the online sphere with a website or ecommerce tailored to your conversion goals and integrated into your workflows.

      Why choose Wild Side®?
      About our mission & impact

      We’re an award-winning, full-service studio of brand enchanters, magic workers, and storytellers. We’re here for the fierce, untameable souls; the trailblazers seeking change, authenticity and connection. We partner with conscious brands to build legacies of inspiration, innovation and impact. 

      Whether that’s through environmental initiatives, social projects, minority empowerment, self improvement or simply going against the status quo, we’re here to support and champion your goal!

      We are proud members of 1% for the Planet, meaning we donate 1% of more of all gross revenue to environmental NGO’s. Since we are based in Brazil, we partner with NGO’s that that affect change here. We’re patron members of the Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Circle and support local indigenous communities in partnership with Instituto Socioambiental. We also personally plant over 200 native trees per year in deforested areas of central Brazil.

      years of service

      clients served

      acres saved / sponsored

      trees planted in Brazil

      We have years of experience working with soulful & spiritual clients…


      …and their results speak for themselves 

      “Kelsey and the entire Wild Side® Team are absolute visionaries.”

      I can’t express the MAGNITUDE of difference their work did to increase my authority online and ultimately help me scale my business rapidly.

      “Working with Wild Side® has been a breath of fresh air.”

       Kelsey is extremely creative, an expert at branding, and one of few people who actually ‘gets it.’ She is really great at taking my vague ideas and turning them into reality.

      “Flexible, detail oriented & delivers excellent quality on every project.”

      Kelsey is amazing! She has contributed significantly to our growth as a brand over the years and we couldn’t be more pleased with her results. 

      “The easiest and most professional experience I’ve ever had.”

      We worked with three other designers before Kelsey and her team, and this was by far the best. She is on time with everything, gives great input, and delivers results.

      We believe in clarity & transparency,
      from pricing to deliverables.

      Research & Strategy

      Timeline: 2 weeks
      Investment: $1275 


      In this phase, you’ll receive:

      • 30 minute strategy call
      • core proposition
      • brand values
      • key differentials
      • target audience profile
      • cultural context with data
      • brand archetype profile
      • audience emotional triggers
      • brand story
      • credibility profile
      • branded PDF 

      Story Through Design

      Timeline: 5 weeks
      Investment: $3225

      In this phase, you’ll receive:

      • 30 minute strategy call
      • visual brainstorm on Pinterest
      • mood board direction
      • 3 unique logo concepts
      • 2 revision rounds
      • secondary logos
      • color palette
      • font selection
      • custom brand graphics
      • 5 print/digital items
      • brand guidelines

      Online Experience

      Timeline: 5 weeks
      Investment: $4725

      In this phase, you’ll receive:

      • 30 minute strategy call
      • content copywriting
      • stock images
      • 1 round of revisions
      • 5 unique pages
      • 1 sales page
      • blog or portfolio
      • conversion tracking setup
      • custom lead/contact form
      • walkthrough video
      • built on WordPress or Shopify

      *if ecommerce, replace 5 pages & 1 sales page with 3 pages and 25 SKUs




      12 weeks



      Note: we usually book 1-2 months in advance. Book a call for current availability and custom packages and quotes

      Your brand’s legacy starts with today. Let’s begin.

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