Why You Need a Pinterest Audit ASAP!

Oct 5, 2020 | Tips & Resources | 0 comments


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Why You Need A Pinterest Audit and How to Do a Pinterest Audit for Business
We have to admit, since quarantine and being stuck inside much more than the average entrepreneur day, our time on Pinterest has, well, increased! At first it was merely to pass the time from what would usually be a coffee date or drinks with friends. But it’s also been awesome to see some of the crazy creative things pop up on the platform during all this downtime. Boredom really is a breeding ground for creativity!

And aside from successfully fulfilling quarantine boredom, we’re so happy that it’s finally becoming well known for its business use too. We’ve all seen by now just how valuable having a clear Pinterest strategy for your business is. With the right implementation, Pinterest can skyrocket your pageviews, and ultimately, your bank account.

But before any of that good stuff happens, there’s something even more important that needs to happen: a Pinterest Audit. And no, auditing isn’t just for the finance and accounting industry. Auditing your Pinterest profile can reveal what’s working and what’s not with your current Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Why Do You Need a Pinterest Audit?

Here are some questions to answer when going through your own account. Each section is as important as the other!

1. Your Profile

  • Do you have a business account set up?
  • Is your website or most income-producing profile attached to your account?
  • Do you have rich pins enabled on your site?
  • Is there a strong name and bio that is consistent with your other social channels?
  • Are you using specific keywords in your name and bio?


2. Your Boards

Get ready, because here is where some harsh cuts will have to be made. You’re going to want to put any boards that don’t support your business to SECRET. Not a wedding planner? Put that “dreamy wedding” board to secret. Not a chef? Time to put that “healthy desserts” board to secret. Don’t get us wrong, we fully believe in having some lifestyle-type boards on your profile! In fact, we believe that every successful Pinterest account should have three different pillars of Pinterest boards, and Lifestyle is one of those categories! (Pssst, if you want to find out the other two, download our free guide here!). 

  • Do you have at least 20-30 pins set up under each of your boards?
  • Are your boards named strategically with keywords?
  • Are you utilizing the board descriptions to optimize more keywords?
  • Do your board names make sense (get rid of those extra characters!)?


3. Your Strategy

  • How often are you pinning? 
  • Is your pinning being done automatically or manually?
  • Are you engaging in Group Boards that connect you to other pinners in your industry?
  • Are your pins leading directly somewhere the viewer can take action?
  • Do all your pins have correct and updated links attached to them?
  • Are you utilizing Pinterest analytics to see what pins are performing well?


What’s next after my Pinterest Audit?

Start implementing your changes, choose a pinterest marketing strategy right for you, and get pinning! Just like any other social media, it’s super important to stay consistent; you won’t see overnight success here! Pinterest is a steady climb. We know the feeling, we’ve been there! But trust us, the reward is worth it! So much so that we here at Wild Side® don’t even use Instagram! Yes, you heard that right, running an online business is totally possible without the dreaded daily posting, caption creating, hashtag research, engagement pods…the list goes on!

If you’re dying for even more secrets, be sure to check out Passport to Pinterest! In our signature course, we take you on a deep dive into what exactly it takes to use the power of this social media, and bring paying customers to your business. We’ve been using Pinterest for business for over 4 years, way back since the Beta launch of their ad platform. 

In fact, Pinterest alone has brought us more than $200k in revenue and currently brings over 90 new email subscribers per day! And last year, by implementing these strategies I’ve grown our profile from 700k monthly views to nearly 7m in only 12 months. So the answer to your question is YES, we love Pinterest and call ourselves experts. 🙂

We also work with many content creators and online businesses on creating unique strategies for their Pinterest, bringing in everything from new and excited clients, skyrocketed pageviews, and hundreds of new email subscribers. And whether it’s our course or our clients, we always start with a Pinterest Audit. 

So start implementing these starter steps, and get ready to see your business take off and running!


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